Walter Wood

Walter is the founding member of the practice and has considerable experience in private and speculative housing, having worked for two large house builders. One being innovators of timber frame housing, and more recently a keen passive house designer, he has used this knowledge to the benefit of many clients.

Starting in private practice Walter has continually strived to attain the involvement of every member of the team whether within the office or on site projects. With the principle that it takes many cogs to make a wheel, it is this philosophy that has brought success.

He plays an active role in a number of projects all over Scotland and inspires the practice to achieve a variety of experience and knowledge. His close liaisons with his staff ensure technical and moral support at all times.

Direct Dial: 0131 331 9911

Sarah Q Brown

Sarah originally joined the practice in 2005 as a Part 1 Architectural Assistant during her study of Architecture at the Edinburgh College of Art. After graduating in 2008, she returned to the office as a Part 2 Architectural Assistant.

Since qualifying as an Architect in 2011, Sarah has worked on a series of projects, from small domestic extensions to large developments, retaining a superior design throughout her work. Following her experience on a range of projects, Sarah is a key component in pushing the design capabilities of the staff to produce high quality architecture the office is known for. Sarah also has a keen interest in developing the technologies including BIM and programmes used to make the practice, and the designs, more efficient.

Sarah will continue to push the boundaries of experience and structure to drive the practice forward.

Direct Dial: 0131 331 9915